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Whatever your fitness goals may be, having a coach in your corner to build a plan and keep you accountable for your goals is a step closer towards your success. With an extensive background in Personal Training Fitness and Group Fitness training, Josh has immense qualifications to insure that that a customized affective plan is constructed for any client's fitness goals!

Josh's passion for fitness speaks volumes in the success stories and results from all of his current and previous clients. Feel free to contact Josh directly with any questions!

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Change Your Mindset

Adjusting your mindset is an important step towards achieving any goals that you have set for yourself, especially in the journey of fitness.

Taking this first step towards your change is opening the gate towards success. Let's work together to find the bet balanced plan for you!

  • It's a get to, not a have to..

    Perspective is everything. Every day we have hundreds of choices that we make and too often we succumb to the thought that we are trapped, we have to go to work, take the kids to a game, pay the bills, and work out. In reality... we do not have to do anything of those things. Yes, not doing them may have consequences, but we have the choice. Instead of believing we are trapped, start saying I get to… in front of everything you do.

  • Focus only on what you can control

    There are few things we are in control of in our life. Our response and our attention. Become disciplined in these two areas and most everything else will start to take care of itself.

  • Never whine, complain, or make excuses

    Being positive does not guarantee you will win, but it does put you in a good place to do so. Whining, complaining, and making excuses makes you not as good as you could be.

Nutrition Is Key

In the world of fitness, your diet is a huge proprietor of the results that you will see throughout your journey. Creating a realistic plan for yourself is an imperative step towards the timeline and success of achieving your goal.

  • Make it a part of your lifestyle

    We are the sum of our daily habits. You want results in an are of your life, then it must become part of your daily routine.

  • Nutritionally dense food, not too much, mostly vegetables

    This sums up nutrition as a whole. It is not complicated. It only gets complicated when we want to not follow this philosophy. For those of us who want to hit our goals and enjoy alcohol and cookies, we need to flexible dieting, manipulating macros (Protein, Fats, Carbs), and strategies to help get our cake and eat it too.

  • Be intentional

    If you decide to drink, then enjoy it to the fullest, if you decide to have dessert, savor every bight, if you have pizza, get after it. But lets make it part of the plan, not something that just happens. Your bank account doesn’t enjoy when you spend money with out checking your bank account. Your body doesn’t enjoy calories it is not prepared for either. Lets figure out what your bodies bank account is and help you eat within your means.

Fitness Is Life

The benefits to fitness are endless. It enriches our life in its entirety by increasing our physical health, mental state and so forth. Curating a work out plan that is sufficient and efficient for you is the ultimate goal for Raschuwafit!

  • Make it a part of your lifestyle

    We are the sum of our daily habits. You want results in an are of your life, then it must become part of your daily routine.

  • Training is fun

    Training is soooo much more then just looking a certain way. I want to help you enjoy all the aspects of it. Then, as you began to enjoy the process, your chance of success and adherence to the program goes way up.

  • The obstacle is the way

    Training is difficult, but difficult things make us stronger. I believe everyone deep down wants to be great. Wants to be a hero. Wants to be the best version of themself, but in every story it is the difficulty, the challenge, that the hero must conquer, that is what makes the hero great. It is natural to want to avoid pain and difficulty but it is that pain and difficulty when embraced that helps us become the best version of ourselves.

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